Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exposing a Powerful Lobby

I am a Pastor in Iowa. I love my country. I do not write a lot of political stuff often. There are those who are better at it than I. But I wanted to share something I have concluded in light of our current political state.

This debate on health care has revealed the arrogance of some of our elected officials, and the impotence of others. Those who have attended "TEA PARTIES" and town hall meetings to voice their concerns have been maligned and discounted by the liberal media. Our elected officials have called the attendees at these meetings "Nazis," "Brown shirts," "Un-American" and trouble makers, and other names I cannot repeat.

These "activists" have been accused of being part of some organized lobby. They have defended themselves, saying they are not part of a lobby and have not been payed to attend. They have denied being part of a political organization. This is not completely true.

I have it on good authority that these people are, not only part of a political organization, they are part of the oldest and most powerful political lobby in the United States. This lobby has attempted to control the outcome of elections as long as we have had elections. They are powerful, and have no intention of letting politicians take their power.

This lobby has a history of questioning who is truly in charge in this country. This group started out in this country wanting to be THE power, and they have not relented in that quest. This organization will not be satisfied until every politician in America does it their way, and answers directly to them.

There have been times, as with any political group, that their power has waned. But do not underestimate them. That has been a colossal mistake in the past. Political figures have seen their lives, fortunes and reputations destroyed as a result of crossing the line with these people.

Who are they? They are one of the most powerful, influential political groups in the history of the world. They have literally brought down entire world systems that have stood against them. They have the power to make war, and the resources to win it. When united, they are unstoppable.

Many of our own national leaders have counted themselves among their ranks. Their members have had a grip on power that has reached all the way to the top for a long time. I intend to expose this lobby for who they are. And who they have been throughout history.

I read a statement that was accredited to none other than Thomas Jefferson, who, in an official state document revealed, not only who this organization is, but implicated himself as part of their leadership structure. Who are they?

Thomas Jefferson named this group, "WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America."

That's right. We the People. Abraham Lincoln called it a government of the People, by the People and for the People. The People have made this nation great. This nation did not make it's people strong; the People have made this nation strong. The people are the nation. The People are in charge. The People are telling Washington D.C. "You are out of line with us, and We the People are not going to sit by quietly. Our three branches of government are paid by the People, sent by the People and are to be controlled by the People.

Yes, I am part of this lobby. I am divulging who my cohorts are. If anyone wants to forward this to D.C and let the government know about our plans to control the country, go right ahead. If they want to put my name on a list of lobbyists and organizers who are opposing this socialist take over, I simply ask that you
spell my name right. I am a life member of:

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