Sunday, May 23, 2010

Launching Hope Baptist Church

On May 9th, Mothers Day, we had our Celebration Sunday at Hope Baptist Church. We thank God for 21 in our services with 8 first time visitors. We knew Mothers Day would bring people out because of family plans. We wanted our morning service to accommodate those who would be planning time with mom that day.

We had one big morning service with a Mothers Day brunch. We feel we are off to a good start for the summer, but there is much work to do. Summer is the best time for churches to grow here in Iowa, because nothing grows here in the winter. We are still in the process of trying to sell our old property and secure a new place to meet. Please make this a matter of prayer.

Please continue pray for Hope Baptist church. I will keep you updated regularly on the work that the Lord is doing here in Iowa. Next week, (Memorial Day weekend) My wife and I will be with Pastor Dave Noffsinger at Northwest Baptist Church in Leavenworth Kansas, and at Heritage Baptist Church in Lawrence, Kansas with Pastor Scott Hanks. These good men have given us the opportunity to share our ministry their respective churches. Pray for us as we travel.