Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nana's Faith

I want to invite every lady out there to visit a site that will be a tremendous blessing to you. Men, this site you bless and encourage your wives and daughters, and you might even find it interesting. I know there are so many good sites on the Internet, but please take time to read my favorite writer; my beloved bride.

No, I'm really not biased. She is the most intelligent woman I know personally. Terri Cannon has
been a pastor's wife, homemaker, homeschooler, and now a writer. I have been married to Terri for over twenty seven years. The mother of six adopted children and a grandmother, she has been a "help meet" to me in every aspect.

Terri grew up in difficult circumstances. She spent time in a foster home as a young teen. She has faced numerous and major medical issues all her adult life, not to mention living with me all those years.
Terri recently completed her Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Illinois, Springfield, graduating with honors.

Few women you will ever meet have the insight, grace and wry wit of my beloved bride. Her writings will be a help to any lady who feels she is the only one out there that... you fill in the blank. She has been there.

Several book ideas are on the drawing board at this time, but you can read on the web at one of three blogs: Nanas's Faith is her personal blog. Grace and Salt is a daily devotional for ladies.
She has a third blog, Nana's Lens, in which displays her beautiful original photography. I know there are hundreds of pastors' wives, missionaries' wives and Christian ladies around the world who regularly read her blogs. I know that any and every lady out there who is trying to live for God will receive a boost from her candid and compassionate words.

Please don't tell her. She has no idea I'm writing this. If this sounds like an info-mercial, I guess it is. But I know a good writer when I read one. If you think this is biased, go check out the blog and see for yourself. It won't cost anything but some of your time. I hope it is a help to you.

nanasfaith.blogspot.com graceandsalt.blogspot.com nanaslens.blogspot.com
Check it out. Thank you for reading.

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