Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Grandbaby

My daughter, Peggy gave birth yesterday to a 6lb 11oz. baby boy. His named Brendyn Lee. This is my second grandson. I have a granddaughter who lives in Arkansas who is expecting a sibling in the fall. We will be heading to the Kansas City area to meet them both this weekend.

I thank God that Brendyn was born healthy. Peggy was in the hospital on full bed rest because of complications with the pregnancy. They did have to take him "C section," however, mom and baby are both fine.

We have all heard grandparents say, if they knew how much fun grand kids were, they would have had them first. I understand this as a grandparent. But I look at this from the standpoint of a grandson. I was very close to my maternal grandfather. He was one the three most influential men in my life. What is it that makes grandparents so special?

For one thing, they are not your parents. This is key for a young person. But, they love you as much as your parents do; maybe in a way, more. My children can talk to my parents about me without getting "ratted out." They know they are speaking to someone who loves them and who love their parents unconditionally. This is security at its finest.

Grandparents are more experienced. They have lived longer. They understand more about life than parents. They are more adept at knowing if a situation or decision is a dangerous one or a harmless one. Admittedly, parents do not always have that insight. Grandparents also know when a mountain is being turned into a mole hill.

I am glad I had good relations with my grandparents. I have good relations with my parents today. It makes me glad when my children call and talk to my parents, unbenounced to me. My wife and I are young grandparents. I am 49 years old, and lets just say my beloved bride is younger than me.

May God give us the wisdom as we come into this phase of our lives. I want to be a testimony to the generation of my children's children. I welcome the fruits of our age. I welcome the opportunity. And I am looking forward to being able to play with toys again. That's what grandads do... right?

Just a thought. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Congratulation Brother Cannon! I'm so glad that mom and baby are fine!