Friday, June 5, 2009

On our Twenty-eighth Wedding Anniversary

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June 5th, 1981 my beloved girl friend became my beloved bride. She and I were married at ages twenty and twenty one respectively. We had no clue what the next twenty eight years would hold for us.

We have spent much time this week looking at photos, reminiscing and reflecting. This has been a time of reflecting on the past. The three big questions are, what would I do different if I had it to do over again? What would I not do if I had the choice again? And, was it worth it? We never have it to do over, and I question the profit in making such queries; maybe even the sanity of asking. However I do have an answer.

First, yes! it was worth it. It was worth every sacrifice, every growing pain, ever tear and certainly every Pennie. (I throw that in because the number one cause given for divorce in America is financial problems.) It was worth it!

What would I do different? I think there are small aspects of every area of my life I would do different. We would manage my finances a little better. We would have saved more money and we would have, somehow invested in the stock market back when it was knocking on 1000 points. It is not so much a matter of doing things different, but we would have just tried to do it better.

That is the bottom line. I would do it all over again, just better. But we do not have that option, nor did we have the luxury of hind sight in 1981. But from regrets come lessons; good lessons. We know how to do tomorrow better. We have learned from our mistakes, and by the grace of Almighty God, they did not destroy us.

We also live with the satisfaction of knowing we did the right thing when it really counted. I can live with the record of the last twenty eight years. No doubt, I could have done better at times. But I could not; I would not do it different. It was worth it!