Thursday, June 25, 2009

What in the World is he Thinking?

O.k. I love to fly. I love airplanes. I was in the aviation industry years ago. I trust American made aircraft. But not as much as some do. Last Saturday, I took my family to the Quad Cities Air Show. This is an annual event, and a very good air show. The Navy "Blue Angels" were there. That was cool. The U.S. Army "Golden Knights" parachute team did a great demonstration.

These were daring feats of skill. I can understand the motivation wanting to perform such skilled maneuvers. But t
his one guy; he was just flat crazy. We watch, (well some of us watched) as this stunt man is flown
over in a biplane. A helicopter flew only inches directly above the biplane as this man crawls out onto the wing, untethered, and climbs onto the rung of the helicopter. He then dangled from the rung while the helicopter flew loops above the runway. What would possess an man to try that? Who thinks of these things?
"I know! you fly the plane and I'll jump onto a helicopter above us!" This just does not sound like a plan to me! At least, not a good one!

My beloved bride could not bring herself to watch. She said she did not want to be at the one show where this trick did not work. I had to watch; I was taking pictures. So, who is more strange? The man crawling from a biplane to a helicopter, or the ten thousand people on the ground watching?

Just a thought. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the pictures.

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